F&G Approved: Eat it Right!

Now granted, I don't agree with all of his opinions all of the time but I can however, put the F&G stamp of approval on this one.

Take note ladies & gentlemen....

*Get freaked*


My Letter to Black Women - Re - Lil Kim's Vagina

Freakz n Geekz... Have you missed me?

Well I have missed you. And I'm back! I've been thinking about what I could do to recommit to this here sexy blog and I wanted to start off on a great note with some tips about the art of self pleasure... but I saw something in tumblr world that has pissed me off to high heaven.

Recently pictures of rapper Lil Kim performing at a venue have been circulating on the interwebs. Welp, you might say that if it is Lil Kim you expect ratchet. Ok you are entitled to that opinion. SO basically, these pictures are of her *brace yourself* ... Vulva. Kimmy clearly wasn't wearing any underwear. But that wasn't even the shocker. I mean we know what Lil Kim is about and being demure and conservative isn't it at all.

However, what concerned me was the reaction that resulted. I have never see such disgust or disdain expressed for the female genitals by people who have them and people who like to be all up in em. I mean it was quite disturbing, so I wrote this letter to the folks on Tumblr (... and the interwebs). It's long, but relevant!

Dear Tumblr - Re: Lil Kim's Vulva...

I have an affinity for the female body, including the vulva. Not in a sexual way, but in a “wow, look at how beautiful we were made, how glorious, how woman in her ALL is a true reflection of Life.”
But these pictures of Lil Kim’s Vulva are disturbing to me. Why?
Lil Kim needs to do better. She was actually looking decent in these pictures - makeup more blended than usual, dress fitting ok, and then we pan down and her vulva is just waving hello. This disturbs me because it appears to me ( and I am sure other members of the public) that Kim is doing what she feels she needs to do to reclaim fame. I am all for exercising one’s right to NOT wear underwear whenever the hell it pleases one to do so. However, Kim, you aren’t 25 anymore and this is not becoming. The least you could have done was find a cantaloupe colored thong to wear under that cantaloupe colored dress. it is 2011. You don’t have to do this anymore to prove yourself. Not because it’s 2011 and we have made strides, but because it is 2011 and you have been in the game almost 20 years now. You have more than 3 platinum records. You were the first female rapper with a Billboard 100 #1 hit… YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOW YOUR PUSSY. But you know what Kim, this just adds to the perception that the public gets when we add it up with all that plastic surgery - that you yourself don’t know your worth. There are loyal fans out here going hard for you… and this is how you show your appreciation? I am no hardcore Kim fan, but I appreciate you, Kimmy, and I will not accept that you forgot your undies… because 20 years in the game should have taught you that if you wear a short dress on an elevated stage, EHRYBODY gon be able to travel up your vagina with their camera lens. But you know what it’s 2011 and if you want to do this, go ahead… I’m just sayin.
And tumblr, particularly the negro conglomerate. I am disappointed. I have not seen y’all react to a vulva like this before. Have you not seen one before? Do you not know that they come in all shapes, colors, sizes & combinations? Black women… do you not have one? Is yours not a shade of brown? Some of you have huge labia majora that hang… just like Kim’s. Some of you have lop-sided asymmetrical labia majora. Some of you have smaller labia majora that allow you clitoris to easily play peek-a-boo. Some of you have extremely dark labia majora that protect your very pink labia minora. Some of you have labia minora that bloom outside your labia majora. I mean… the combinations are endless! Yet here you sit, with your own beautiful lop sided vagina and EWWW and ILLLLS and GAWK at Kim’s. Passing judgement. (Black) Men, did you not pass through and by one of these? I don’t hear y’all complaining when you are chasing it down, sticking it in, getting in your two pumps and a drawback.
You would think from your reaction that Kim was hiding the cure to cancer, the solution to the debt crisis, or enlightenment in that there vagina. But you know what is most upsetting about it… the fact that you will more readily react negatively toward a black vagina than you do towards a white one. And I’m sure you have seen plenty of those, and have never felt the need to throw up as so many of you have expressed under Kim’s photos. Black women, stop endorsing this bullshit. 
If you are gonna be mad, be mad that Kim isn’t valuing herself more and by extension reflecting badly on us and yes, influencing other young black women. Be mad that a black vagina is an anomaly… be mad that YOU a black man or woman believe this (whether you admit it or not, consciously or subconsciously). Be mad that you have been told that another part of you does not fit a standard of beauty created by someone who looks nothing like you. Be mad that no one has said to you that your vagina is unique, and will never look like Susie’s in the last porno your boyfriend saw… AND IT’S STILL NORMAL.
If Kim’s vagina was that disgusting for you to have a glimpse of I advise you black women to start loving your bodies. Grab a mirror, lay on the ground and take a nice long look down there and learn to love all the little nuances that make you you. You rather wait on a man to appreciate you but you don’t appreciate yourself. and you are passing all this dysfunctional thinking on to your sons and daughters. Get a fucking grip black people. Wake the fuck up.

*Get Geeked*


Whips & Chains Excite ME!

If everyone was getting some morning sex in before work, the world would be a much happier place... believe that!

Nothin like a nice spanking in the a.m. to get that Ass ready to conquer the world... with a smile!

Big up to women every where who enjoy sex and aren't ashamed of it! 




I hope you rang in the New year with a glass of good champagne ... or bad wine and someone that you love... or like (enough that you didn't wake up January 1st or 2nd with regret and a hangover)

I also hope that you guys are maintaining all those ridiculous New Year's resolutions. In the gym sweating it out... I'm rooting for you! At least hang strong til Feb. 14th (wink wink nudge nudge).

I Kid. But seriously I hope you didn't make a list of unrealities. I don't want to be a party pooper or anything but we all know someone who wants to be the next Alicia Keys or Maxwell but when they sing it sounds something like a hyena giving birth to an elephant.

Picture that. Yeah... I know.

First let me say thank you for reading my blog, and supporting me the past few months! I love that you love it. And I appreciate that at the least you allow me to bring a smile to someone's face (I'd say once a day but we all know I don't blog daily)

Last year one of my goals was to create something new everyday. I put some gas in my writing tank & I managed to start this blog (let's face it, I. do. not. blog. every day), recommenced my poetry writing, and rehashed my song writing/composing skills ( i <3 Apple); I also revisited the artist in me and went out and got my oil pastel on (hits dougie); and I started making jewelry (http://lanomrahdesigns.etsy.com).

For the New Year I'm not done figuring out all my goals but I am trying to stay in an open space that allows positivity to flow in and out of me and my life. *cue violins*

So far so good! I'll be contributing to Barbados' newest online Magazine, Young Fabulous and Bajan, as the Love & Relationship person (I say person because I am no expert just experienced... as we all are). The name of the magazine says it all. It's still in development but I'm proud of how it has turned out so far and proud of the editor who dreamt up the idea months ago and made it a reality.

I'm also a contributor at PledgeAllegiance Blog. It's a blog dealing with Caribbean ev-er-y-thang and we attempt in our own unique way to keep emigrants and expatriots of the Caribbean (especially from our generation) in touch with what's happening.

Seee.... I don't just talk about sex. lol. And this will be the last infomercial blog for a while. :-)

Hear is wishing all of you a successful and prosperous new year, in love, life, health, professional,  academic, you name it.

So freakz n geekz....What are your resolutions & goals for the New Year? And how have they been working out for you? Still going strong? Share, share, share.


Virulent Vagina

Freakables & Geekables,

How goes it? Staying in touch with the freak in you I hope!... and the geek too 8-)

I am aware that the production of this blog may be regarded as a self defeating/destructive entity for couple  reasons:

     1.  Future employment - a blog about sex and getting freaky isn't necessarily a resume builder, especially when the sex industry is not on the horizon.

And sometimes even more daunting than that is:

     2.  The possibility of a significant/insignificant other/s discovering this blog on the top sites of my Mac and going apeshit upon recognizing the body parts in the banner, then escalating to ballistic when he figures out which story is about him.

But I have to say that I need to do this. Sex is an important part of life.... My life, any way. It's not the most important, but in a "romantic" relationship it is important. Whether or not you are "doing it" (it being the whole or the individual parts of sex) or not is important because your reasons/desires/motivations for doing or not doing so are sometimes simple, but more often than not are complex, layered, and mired with emotion.

So anyways, recently I had to take to twitter to ask a question. A question that could only come to mind after personally swimming in Lake Experience, located in WhereIam, USA. The question:

This is a very serious question.

Men call it blue balls - an annoying feeling, a pressure. A major discomfort for many who, when aroused to the point of erection with no where to release, may feel like their testicles will explode if they do not ejaculate somewhere. 

Well, this isn't so hard to understand once you learn that ejaculate can exit the man's body at an AVERAGE speed of 45 km/h (27.96 mi/h).  Average... meaning that the possibility remains his ejaculate could exit with Evil Knievel/ ambitions in "mind". Physics was never my forte, but it is for Dr John Marshall, Ph.D. Sexual Physics

So if my memory serves me correctly (and it may not), potential like that could lead to immense build up a.k.a pressure & that ball busting feeling.

But... what about women. Our potential children do not exit from our vaginas doing tricks and acrobatics. There is that phenom of squirting, but that has nothing on the speed and force of male ejaculate nor its likeness to the blade of Zorro's sword.

I speak to & from my own experience when I say that the female equivalent to blue balls is the virulent vagina. A vagina full of malice. A vagina that, angered enough, will kick you out of the house but ass naked and later send your clothes by snail mail. Ok maybe that's an exaggeration, but life has taught me that if I can think it, it has already happened.

Seriously, has no one else experienced the reverberating uterine angst of a disappointed vagina? A feeling like an olympic gold medalist miscalculated a shotput throw and the damn thing landed smack dab in the middle of your pelvic area? And once it landed proceeded to burrow its way into your uterus, daring you to not find a way to expel it? . . . No one?... Well ME NEITHER! psssht. 

 --   --

That is what Virulent Vagina feels like... to me anyway. I imagine that if my vagina could speak during a gut wrenching episode, it would simply lament, "WHHHHYYYYYYYYY??" Virulent vagina is experienced if, like men, we are aroused to THE point... and then... left hanging... like christmas decorations all. year. round.

Any sexual partner that will leave you assed out (literally) in this sexual paint with no guilt, remorse, or empathy for your situation should be dropped. You be Diddy, let him/her be the band & send that ass to brooklyn for some cheesecake and tell em stay... amongst other things! Once is ok. Twice alright. Everybody can't be at optimum performance all the time. 

If you are in a serious relationship this shouldn't apply to you. If it does, you need to reevaluate. If you are in a casual relationship then rest assured there's another fish in the sea that gives a damn as to whether or not you are satisfied.

Because this is where the virulence comes in... the thought that a person could be so inhumane as to leave you stranded with merely a life vest in shark infested waters; to make you a part of the cast of LOST without your knowledge!

Some people will say I am giving too much weight to sex in a relationship, but ultimately the sexual stratosphere is but a reflection and projection of the character of a person. So if they are selfish in sex, chances are they are selfish in other aspects outside the >insert wherever you like to have sex here<.

In his/her defense, said person may be unaware of how their actions come off or affect partners so it would be beneficial for both parties involved to have this discussion. If he/she is aware however... GET YOUR ASS UP & OUT OF THEIR SELFSERVING PAINT!


Boy Please! I'd Buy you for a Penny

What up Freakz & Geekz?

I hope you all have been keeping it freaky while I've been away! I'll do a separate post on why I've been away later, but THIS I felt compelled to write about.

Not too long ago I was having a discussion with a friend that somehow led to me asking whether or not he had ever been "in love," to which he responded that the only relationship he could possibly say he was in love was one that took place between a 15 year old him, and a 23 year old woman. I won't allow you anytime to react here, because I think upon hearing that I reacted amply for you and I, and any other person who has wandered upon this blog in all its undiscovered glory.

He went on to mention that of course the relationship was sexual in nature, and while that is not where he learned everything, she did teach him alot.

Did I mention how disturbed I was by his story? Actually I surprised myself how upset I was about it. I surprised myself because this motherly protective part of me came out. I surprised myself because as the emotion was boiling in my blood it felt like something only a mother should feel or understand.

I was also surprised because I reacted like a prude? (that question mark was not a typo... read on before you judge) I did not react like someone, who at the age of 14, was involved with a man 6 years her senior. A man who I was in love with, care about to this day, and in many ways is for me the one who may have got away. 

Before you have a misguided AHA moment as to why I enjoy and like to talk about sex so much, please put down the Oprah. Let me be clear (<--Obama voice) that I did not have sexual relations with this man (<--- Clinton voice) until I felt comfortable. There was no pressure! And since there could be a serious level  of pathetic in me saying that it's up there as one of the healthier, more nurturing relationships I've ever been in... I just won't say that.

But back to my buddy old pal, who has a pre-teen son and an almost teen daughter. Ohh wait... there's a knock at my door... Guess, who just showed up? This uninvited bitch ass... Mr. Double Standard! Can you see how the convo went down hill after this sucker showed up? Sigh... let's just say when He showed up I went and got my big girl gloves to knock his ass out. And I also made sure to prepare a glass of adult tea so that at the appropriate moment I'd take a sip with my pinky in the air when my friend and I could agree to disagree. 

So... when I asked him about the 15 yr old/23 yr old situation playing out with his daughter and some 23 yr old dude, he almost went ape sh!t about snatching his daughter and ending up in jail over what he would do to the dude. Awww... daddy's little girl. I respect that. It wouldn't hurt if more fathers would show up for the job like he does.

But when I asked him about the 15/23 situation playing out with his son, Double Standard hijacked the convo... and can I just say that Mr. Double Standard is like that weeble toy... or better yet a crackhead... Yes, Mr. DS is a crackhead! No matter how you try you can never knock his ass out... He wobbles, but the son of a bitch just won't fall down. 

So friend's first response is that first he'd be happy to find out that his son is not gay.  --_-- . Secondly, what can he say? He's 15, and it's probably better that he's sexually active with a 23 year old who is more likely to be responsible than "these [fresh] little girls" running around sexing everything and everyone. "These kids are having sex anyway."

Guys.... Can we even begin to address the plentiful issues in the above paragraph? Well let me narrow your focus. We aren't going to address the homophobia (today), you and I believe what we believe, and so does he. I'm pro-gay rights, he's not. It's like a tea partier and a liberal in a room (bad joke waiting to happen)... We can all get along, can't we?

[Deep Breath] He sparked me with the homosexual remark and then doused me in gasoline with the rest of his commentary. So much so that I took to my BB messenger list to conduct an impromptu survey of the men on my list. And while some surprised me by not falling victim to the jerk Mr. DS, others still caused me to question:

  • Why is it that in the 21st Century, we cannot discern that perpetuating stereotypes of sexually aggressive men onto our boys contribute to the destruction of their innocence? As a black woman, I could argue that slavery and the consequent disadvantage being "black" has placed on us has done this. This being the inability to separate sexual power and prowess from the black man's ability to identify/define himself as a man. But then... isn't that all men? That would be a cop out, wouldn't it? Because double standards exist, their existence does not mean that we are obligated to honor them. 
  • Why is the innocence of a boy valued less than that of the girl when it comes to sex? Or is it not a matter of valuing a boy's innocence less, but a matter of a girl's sexuality not being her own, and being somehow wrapped up in a father's identity as a man/protector? 
  • Why is it that this situation with a 15 year old girl is quickly identified as rape but celebrated as an accomplishment for a 15 year old boy? Regardless of sex, race, class or creed a 15 year old is a CHILD, no? There is a certain level of helplessness that goes along with being a child. Why does that not apply to our boys? It's an issue I would not hesitate to drop in the box where Jim Crow and Apartheid now reside.
  • I am not naive, I know that children are having sex. I also know that hormone raging teenagers can act most salaciously when/if left to their own devices. I am not a parent so I can only imagine the cold sweats and palpitations that the mere thought of having the sex talk with one's child induces. And because I am not a parent I guess I cannot determine where I draw the line and place all the responsibility on my non existent boy child (I know it's redundant but it's the bajan in me that says boy child rolls off the ears more smoothly) to determine himself a man by the sexual solicitation of a grown woman, cosigned by the men in his life who he regards as role models. But as a 24 year old woman, I cannot see how at my age, with what I have and have not accomplished, learned or matured into, finding myself involved with a 15/16 year old boy. Hell, it's hard enough for me to see myself with men my age. How do you justify that relationship as an adult?
  • With the recent light being shone so brightly on sexual abuse in this country and elsewhere, the situation also makes me wonder how this dynamic between us as a community and our boys actually provide a safe haven for boys being abused to come forward? How do you approach the man you emulate and idolize about something that may not feel right to you, but is not condemned or is encouraged by him?
  • How/What about the power struggle of the cultural psyche - to have a man be a victim at the hands of a woman sexually? 
  • Is fifteen that critical age? Just before 16... the cusp of the cusp of cusp of manhood? Is that the age where parents give their boys condoms along with the talk?
I understand that some of these questions do apply to my situation, and by implicating my friend's lover, I am implicating mine. Quite honestly, the discussion gave me a whole new perspective on my situation - what it must have been like for my lover. It forced me to look at my Caribbean culture as a perpetuator of this ignorance by sitting in silence as an entity, and as individuals. 

I'm not judging my friend as a parent, as a father. He loves his children. But it did get me to thinking about parenthood and how far outside ourselves it forces us to reach - that even though this is what, and sometimes all, we know, there must be better, and better is what we [should] desire for our children.

Double standards are yet to adequately protect lives. I don't care what you argue. The greatest crimes and atrocities ever committed were due to double standards which, let's not be shy about it, are the offspring of superiority complexes and hate.

So to my non-existent children, half of each of you in my testy & dramatic ovaries, the other half of you roaming around in some worthy man's nut sac, I just want you to know that I value you. Your innocence and humanity is worth more to me than a penny. I will protect you and empower you with knowledge so that when that bastard DS comes knocking you won't have to fight him, he'll look at you and already know that he has no business where you are. And if by chance push comes to shove you still know how to knock his ass out. I will teach you, so that your power is always yours - not to be wielded against another but to uplift.

*Get Geeked*

P.S. This is not the usual F&G post but it is something that I believe needs to be thought about. I'm not a parent, maybe you are... or you aren't. What do you think? Leave your feedback.


User's Guide:Going to Butt Town (via www.jezebel.com)

Hey Freakz & Geekz!

Around here you know we looove bullet points, lists, tips, tricks... Basically anything in a succinct entertaining format that contributes to taking your sex life from about as exciting as watching grass grow (if you don't find grass exciting) to about as exciting as getting caught doing the nasty in the car or the park or leaving your blinds open on purpose.... *clears throat* if you are into those very naughty things of course ;-D.

Sooo taking all of the above into account... I was very pleased to come across an article (for which this blog post has been named) on http://jezebel.com. This article is a great beginners guide on how to enjoy anal sex. Boy, girl or in between, giver or taker, tips abound for all in this piece. If you are not into anal, no problem, read and pass the tips along to an enquiring mind. This chick is one after my own heart... she's humorous and appropriately dirty in the mouth so... enjoy!

*Get FREAKED!!!*


Welcome to Mars: A Man's Beginner Experience with Tantric Sex Pt. 2

What up Freakz & Geekz!

Here is Part 2 of our first Welcome to Mars feature by guest blogger @Coreman2200. Share his first experience in the Tantric realm! If this doesn't make you want to take up Tantric I don't know what will. Click here for part 1. Read on...

What makes this whole experience so utterly brilliant (besides the fact that it in my case had been a 1+ hour long orgasmic adventure ;) is that, again, it is like remembering part of you. And since the first time, I have been able to tap back into it without much effort. The lack of control is scary, at first (we’re so accustomed to keeping our composure, even in the privacy of our very own bed rooms), so it may feel bizarre or even scary to give in to what at its most intense can be convulsive fits at even the slightest touch - this can be especially troublesome if you are not wholly in-tune with your partner (new love), or if this is all Self-generated (new Awareness). But let me assure you that the best thing you can do in this space is just to roll with it. For one, control comes in time as you come to See what is going on with your body, and only by letting go can you come to understand this. But in the end, to deny this and not explore it is to deny and ignore your very Self, and this will not do! Fear Not! Free Your Self!
For those curious, here are some tips to get you going and (more or less) on the right track to finding your own tantric adventure. Note that I’m no master at this, and should probably not even offer such advice for that reason. Ha! But I believe in sharing experiences, if for no other reason than to help illuminate someone else’s journey. So I hope these tips help! Here we go:

- Be calm, be patient, be still - Meditate! Meditation in my view is the only reason I was able to get to this other step so fluidly, because a lot of the same efforts are utilized. You have to be comfortable with freeing yourself of your thinking and distractions. It has to be all about you becoming one with and more greatly attuned to your Self. Meditation will most certainly help in this regard.
- If you play music, make sure it is music that resonates with you - flows with you - moves to your specific vibe (and if applicable, to your partners). Otherwise it becomes distracting, and distraction is the Last thing you want on this journey.
- Don’t Stress It. Just as in meditation, the point is not to think about meditating, itself, or your wants/desires, but clearing your Mind, and clearing away all the clutter (distraction) so that the Self  can speak through you directly, clearly.
- Find a book on Tantric exercises/massages/sexuality and become Aware of steps they suggest (breathing techniques, massages, settings and misc. ambiance adjustments) - to know how/where to touch your Self and/or your partner when the time comes is Very useful!
- I think this is the most important tip: Be Aware of your Energy and all the energy around you. It is Key. It is in fact what you are feeling - the loving rhythmic dance and caress of energy between you, perhaps a partner, and all of your surrounding Universe.

Dive In!


Rest assured we will be blogging further with the Core himself! And look out for more info on the Tantric experience right here!

*Get Freaked & Geeked*


Fellation Nation pt 1

When I decided to start this blog, I reached out to some close female friends of mine, asking them to share questions and concerns that they would like to have me address on this blog. I waited in anticipation for a plethora of questions on orgasms, and pleasing oneself and the works. But much to my surprise (and to the horror of others), at least 90% of the feed back I received were inquiries into the art of fellatio. :-o 

According to Merriam-Webster: Fellatio also fellation  n. oral stimulation of the penis
A.K.A. blowjob, bj, sucking a dick, giving head… and a whole host of other related names that you may not want to encounter on urbandictionary.com. smh.

Amongst the group of females surveyed, I was surprised to find that even those who were perceived as and perceived themselves as outgoing and sexually liberal seemed…well… lost. Some are lost in a “this looks familiar but gps would really do the trick right now” kind of way. Others, still, know the way to work, but wouldn’t mind another route just to keep it interesting. Then there are those who are lost in a “wow, they dropped me off in the jungle with no map, no matches, no anything… I’m gonna die here tonight” kind of way. Le sigh.

Why are we so intimidated by the penis? and I don't mean the King kong kind... Maybe it's the thought of the unknown. The fact that when he unzips and drops his pants, you may in fact be greeted by the LARGEST disappointment of your life (which ironically could be the smallest penis attached to a human) or the GREATEST shock of your life ("why doesn't he take that back to the construction site cause that tool needs to be uprooting pavements, NOT my ovaries!) Run Forest Run!. . . And on that spectrum there are sooo many unpleasant surprises that could arise ;). 

I'm gonna start out simple with a few tips to help decrease the awkward factor:

  • First and foremost DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT do anything you are not absolutely comfortable doing. Discomfort lowers the sexy factor. You will have to venture out of your comfort zone eventually if you want to keep things sexy... but again that is why I used the word "first".
  • Along this vein, do not be afraid to educate yourself. The only way to improve on your technique (or to get some) is to seek out the info already out there and make it your own. There are endless dvds *cough*porn*cough*, books, websites, and people you can consult. Ladies, do not underestimate the knowledge that can be attained from the lackluster plot and mediocre acting of a XXX film. 
  • I think I mentioned this before, but being relaxed is essential. If you are not relaxed, you do not need to be venturing anywhere near his member with those chattering choppers, soon to be WMDs (weapons of masculinity destruction).
  • Awwwwmen. <-- Get familiar with that aww sound. It's the one you're going to play in your head to remind you that if you don't mind your teeth, in a knee jerk reaction he may accidentally knock you out trying to protect his member from your samurai incisors!
  • Don't feel pressured to have him climax. That pressure is not conducive to relaxing. And if I've said it once I've said it a million times - RELAX! If you are a beginner, get acquainted - show his penis some love. If you feel comfortable go in for the kill X-|(inappropriate expression) go for it! See my post Tricks are for.... for more tips. (And of course there will be detailed tips to cum! :-D
  • It is very important to know what you're getting into. You can't judge a book by it's cover and similarly, you can't tell if his crotch smells like your brother's gym shoes. And you most certainly wont be able to tell if his penis is a petridish by looking! In other words, get familiar with dental dams and flavored condoms (I wouldn't recommend hopping on the same condom he got sucked off in) and above all... Get acquainted with his status!

*Get Freaked & Geeked*


Freakably Geektastic!: ERIMAJ

In 2009 I declared that 2010 would be the year I reinstated myself in Musical Utopia - that place to which only good music can take you. A place where the music becomes a part of you. A place where music is love, happiness, endorphins, pheromones, post-coital conversation, butterflies, kisses on the forehead, prayers, chocolate, warm embraces, hand holding while hood strolling, soul searching, a gaze & a smile on the uptown A train ... sigh. A Place where music IS life, music gives life and complements it like cheese does wine... And 2010 has not disappointed me thus far.

Today I was made privy to ERIMAJ on Twitter. ERIMAJ is the band led by drummer Jamire Williams. This EP, Memo to All, takes me back to the first time I listened to Foreign Exchange on their album Connected. It gave me breath. It was what music was supposed to feel like. This EP is to life what urban romance is to Brooklyn, Harlem or DC. It's thoughtful, it's emotive, it's hopeful, it's sexy, it's fresh, it's funky, it's jazz & it's hip-hop! And all I wanna know is where/when can I see/hear ERIMAJ play! Read the NY Times review here. 

This poem was inspired by Track 4: For You (For Who?) on Memo to All. I was completely inspired and had to seize the opportunity. Take a listen, download and ENJOY!

<a href="http://erimaj.bandcamp.com/album/memo-to-all">Memo To All by ERIMAJ</a>

If you've ever been to NYC in the fall,
then you can attest to
the romance
which oozes from the concrete, gets
stuck to your shoes.
You can't help but take it every where!
it's in the air
The breeze that caresses the trees &
Coaxes the recitation of passionate soliloquies
of longing and
Fiery couplets of regret.
Recanting cycles of falling
And the love that made it wet.
Insatiable appetite of desire. To
To that thing which gave it life.
Coasting on the invisible that gives it breath.
Submitting to the possibility that
It would have no choice were it a tree
To discard.
Submitting to the reality that
this fall is
Even if it breaks a heart.
It might agree that the fall is predestined.
& Imprinted in its DNA.
That this fall is one of a kind
But it is so much more than where it lays.
A Soft landing cushioned by
Luminescent golds and opulent browns.
The realization that there is no
End to a journey that
Enhances every Now.
So when strangers' gazes Intertwine
The earth, its soul embraces
Roots grow deep - It smiles
and strangers become familiar faces.
Precipitation of Amore
Nurtures the essence and fuels the birth
of New New york hues
New York blues and
Blessed offspring of Worth.
Purpose is manifest
and so it is that even when at rest
Romance is Fall loving you at its best.

If you're gonna fall in love, Fall is as good a time as any to do it! 

*Get Freaked*